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Our company, Pelba Ltd, was established in 1990. At the beginning we operated as an Austrian/Hungarian company, and we had shell-less pumpkin seeds produced for and supplied to us by other companies. In addition, we started to market Austrian cooking oil.

In 1996 we became a family-owned business, and since that time we have been importing various cooking oils from the biggest suppliers in Western Europe, such as Belgium and Germany. We supply these products to, among other places, restaurants and hotels, as well as food-producing and wholesale companies.

Due to our success and continuous innovation, our customers can choose from an ever-growing product portfolio. Our company sells several different cooking oils. The sunflower oil is purchased from a domestic producer, and the palm oil is imported from Germany. In addition to these products, we have various condiments (mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces) in our product line. However, the core of our work and revenue still derives from the production, trade and export of shell-less pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil. The ever-increasing demand for pumpkin seed oil has led our company to have the oil produced in Hungary. Therefore, in 2012, we built our own pumpkin-seed oil producing plant.

Every square metre of the new plant was designed so that we could utilize the most modern technology. By using the latest machinery, we can guarantee the best quality for our customers without compromise.

This is evidenced by the following certifications and certificates:

Sends greetings from our dedicated little team!

besán jános és ildi

Detti, Balázs, Jani, Ildi and Bálint

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