Pepo Papa - Tökmag olaj


Pepo Papa - brings new flavour to your life
How was Pepo Papa conceived? In the beginning there was a lot of commitment, and even more love. We collected the roundest, most beautiful pumpkin seeds from sun-baked fertile pumpkin fields, and we extracted and bottled all the treasures of nature, so only the best velvety thick oil would be placed on your table. Our products are available in a variety of sizes and packaging. Try our golden green pumpkin seed oil, or our shell-less, natural, as well as flavoured, pumpkin seeds.

Discover pumpkin seeds in every form, and feel Pepo Papa’s revitalizing flavour.

Pumpkin seed oil Bottle sizes: 0.25 litres, 0.5 litres. 1 litre, and 10 litres (for catering use)

Shell-less pumpkin seeds Packaging sizes: 0.5 kg or 1kg Shell-less pumpkin seeds

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